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WebMania-Designs Disclaimer

General Terms & Conditions

01. All work is carried out to the specification set by the Client. The Client has control of the look and content of a site, but WMD will advise the direction in which to go. The Client is ultimately responsible for the final result. The Client is also responsible for the content.

02. WMD will work to ensure that the Client's web site is cross browser and W3C compliant. This term is void when the client requests content that is cross browser incompatible.

03. WMD will not participate in the building of adult content sites.

04. WMD cannot be held responsible for the inclusion of copyrighted material. This includes graphics, text, video and audio. All content provided by Us, is as original and unique as possible.

05. WMD do not work alongside other web design companies. It is up to the Client to sever ties with all other companies involved with their online venture before We begin our work.

06.  Once the Client is satisfied with the design of the website, they take complete control and must provide payment for the website provided. It is then up to the Client to continue working with WMD for website maintenance.

07.  If the Client decides that major changes are required during the first 4 weeks (28 days), then these changes are chargeable. 

E-Repair Specific Terms & Conditions

08. E-Repair is a service that is provided by WebMania-Designs to help eliminate problems that have occurred on existing websites. In order to hire WebMania-Designs to provide an 'E-Repair', you must no longer be attached to your original web design/web content provider in any way. We are not responsible if you fail to inform us of this fact. We take no responsibility for any loss of data that may occur. We take every precaution to prevent this from happening. We will back up all original data before work commences, where possible.

09. Please note that we will not assist students to do their homework that they have been asked to do. We will assist with any unique technical issue they may have.  WMD will not carry out any work on sites that involve weapons, firearms and sites that are in foreign languages, although we will look at each case individually and on merit.