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About Us

WebMania-Designs is a new concept in Web Page Creation, Design, Publication and Maintenance and has been developed to promote your service, business, hobby or interest on the Internet.

We aim to give you the best in Web Presence and hope to make it a profitable experience for you at the same time.

We believe in creating simple, but eye catching web pages which are informative and convey the right message about your product or service to a potential customer, all in a user friendly manner. First impressions are very important, so we want visitors to your website to return time after time, as well as pass on recommendations to others. Your website will be registered with many of the popular search engines, directories and news groups world-wide to give you the widest coverage on the Internet.

WebMania-Designs provides a cost effective service with one goal in mind:
To attract Internet users to your website and retaining them and to encourage them to use your services online.

Our website showcases our online skills,  so why not let WebMania-Designs bring you Web Presence if you want to sell, promote or market your service or product. Contact WebMania-Designs today and get onto the Internet before you competitors do.

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Tel: 020 8737 0686
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Recomended Plugins

WebMania-Designs would like to recomend the following plugins and products to make the most of this site, and the rest of the internet.

Macromedia Flash Player
Flash media player

Macromedia Shockwave Player
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Apple Quicktime
Streaming video player

Nullsoft Winamp
Audio/video player

Microsoft Media Player
Streaming audio/video player

Real Player
Streaming audio/video player

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