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Professional Web Site
We at WebMania-Designs are so confident that you will be impressed with our service that as an introductory offer, we will create, design, publish and maintain a professional web site published on the World Wide Web, free of charge, so there are no up-front costs to you.

The Offer
This introductory offer is limited to the creation of a set of Web Pages incorporating text and full colour graphics for a trial period of four weeks. During this period WebMania-Designs will create, design, publish and maintain a Web Site for you. Thereafter, you may cancel your account with WebMania-Designs if we have not fulfilled your requirements, or stay with us at a preferential rate. Please note that the title to all original material created by WebMania-Designs remains the property of WebMania-Designs until a transfer of the title has been agreed.

1 Month Free!

Corporate Identities
Besides Web Site creation, WebMania-Designs can also create a new Corporate identity for your business, perhaps a new logo, brochure, price list or advertising literature. We can also undertake all of your printing requirements. So why not combine your new image with a Web Site on the Internet? This service is subject to a charge, however, you can still go ahead with a one month free trial for the web site.

The Internet
If you are not yet connected to the internet at home, or your office, we can provide everything from 56k modems to 2Mb always connected broadband. We will do our best to provide the best value service for you.

To get started, please get in contact with us. Our details are below.

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